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Medical Surveillance

A HAZMAT Worker medical surveillance program will help to assess and monitor the health and fitness of employees working with hazardous substances.
The employer must establish a medical surveillance program for the following: ? All employees exposed or potentially exposed to hazardous substances or health hazards above permissible exposure limits for
more than 30 days per year; ? Workers exposed above the published exposure levels (if there is no
permissible exposure limit for these substances) for 30 days or
more a year; ? Workers who wear approved respirators for 30 or more days per
year on site; ? Workers who are exposed to unexpected or emergency releases of
hazardous wastes above exposure limits (without wearing appropriate protective equipment) or who show signs, symptoms, or illness that may have resulted from exposure to hazardous substances; and
? Members of hazardous materials (HAZMAT) teams. All examinations must be performed under the supervision of a licensed physician,
without cost to the employee, without loss of pay and at a reasonable time and place.

Examinations must include a medical and work history with special emphasis on symptoms related to the handling of hazardous substances and health hazards and to fitness for duty including the ability to wear any required personal protective equipment under conditions that may be expected at the work site.

These examinations must be given as follows: ? Prior to job assignment and annually thereafter (or every 2 years if a
physician determines that is sufficient), ? At the termination of employment, ? Before reassignment to an area where medical examinations are not
required, (2) ? If the examining physician believes that a periodic follow-up is
medically necessary, and ? As soon as possible for employees injured or becoming ill from
exposure to hazardous substances during an emergency, or who develop signs or symptoms of overexposure from hazardous substances.

The employer must give the examining physician a copy of the standard and its appendices, a description of the HAZMAT worker employee's duties relating to his or her exposure, the exposure level or anticipated exposure level, a description of any personal protective and respiratory equipment used or to be used, and any information from previous medical examinations.

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